About us

The limited liability company Stilz-Rousset-Sielberman began operating in France in 1974 with production mainly intended for the shoe industry. Located on the grounds of the Chezelle watermill, shown on maps since 1250, on the site of a former cutlery factory.
1976: the company became Stilz-chimie.

In 1985, the company branched out, focusing on products used in the leather industry, dyeing edges and thus enhancing leathers. Since then, innovations have come one after another, widening the Stilz product ranges. Stilz-chimie has built a solid reputation worldwide in the development and manufacture of products for the luxury goods industry. Consequently, its presence has grown in sectors such as nautical equipment and aeronautics as well as the automotive and furniture industries.

2015: Rescoll, specialized in innovative industrial applications of polymer materials, acquired Stilz-chimie.

2018: renovation of the watermill wheel will make the production of green electricity possible.

2020: Stilz-chimie became Rescoll Production. Due to the brands’s widespread recognition, the Stilz name has been kept and its logo modernized. Stilz offers its customers a wide range of products, all subject to a strict quality and innovation policy.