To meet the growing demand, Stilz has developed and commercialized a new range of edge paints: “Splendid 600”.
In only mat finish, this new range is managed in stock based on a color chart with 36 colors including 2 metallic ones.
The new range is only sold in 125-ml containers.


  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Water-based paint (pH neutral)
  • Very good adherence on most leathers
  • Non-hazardous product, no hazard pictogram
  • Very good resistance to wet/dry bleeding & sweat

Within the framework of its integration into the Rescoll Group, and for the sake of joint communications, the company Stilz Chimie was re-christened Rescoll Production as of October 1, 2020.
Now, in addition to all its own production and activities, Rescoll Production’s mission will also include manufacturing technological products developed by its parent company (electrically-conductive paint, intumescent paint, anti-mist varnish, bonding primers or other adhesives)
Backed by the skills of Rescoll’s R&D and Analysis teams, Rescoll Production will now benefit from its parent company’s whole range of support services: Quality, Human Resources, Accounting and Purchasing, etc.

Located on a site with a watermill shown on maps since 1250, Stilz began renovating its wheel in 2019.
The Sagebien wheel (named after its inventor Alphonse Eléonor Sagebien and identical to the Paris mill wheels) is one of the 10 biggest wheels of this kind in France.
Its design is based on using the weight of the water as much as possible, unlike traditional wheels that use the speed of the current.
Financed through a 400,000-euro investment of the company’s own funds, Stilz’s aim is to produce 200,000 kWh of green electricity, once the work is finished.
An environmentally responsible approach combined with the renovation of our local heritage.